Cow Cuddling

World of wonders, world of cattle. Of course, the briefing should not be missing in advance. What does a cow need? What does a cow do all day? Why do cows lie down so much? Where does the milk come from? How many cow breeds do you know?

Treat yourself to two hours of unwinding, learning something new, seeing and touching cattle closely. They love to be brushed. Maybe the weather is nice and we can even go for a walk or take them out onto the run. It’s funny when the calves run off and bleat! Or visit them on one of our pastures in the summer. In winter in the stable or in the barn, in summer on our fairytale meadows, either hidden away in the forest or with a wonderful view of the beautiful Weserbergland.

Die meiste Zeit des Jahres sind unsere Rinder draußen. Daher zieht euch immer jahreszeitlich und wettertechnisch passend an. Robuste Schuhe mit fester Sohle zum Schutz eurer Füße sind selbstverständlich.