Cow Cuddling

Family cuddles: Trial program for families with children and interested individuals. Groups up to 5 people. Duration: 60 minutes, 36€ min incl 3 grown-ups

Adults: 12 euros, 1st child 9 euros, 2nd and further children 5 euros, disabled free of charge (max. 40 euros)

Group size: up to 8 people, but at least 3 people:

Standardprogram: 90 minutes cow cuddling:

About 15 minutes of instruction.

You spend the rest of the time with the cows.

Cost: min €48 incl 3 adults. €16 per adult, €10 for children, children up to 3 years and the disabled are free. (Max €60)

Group size: up to 10 people:

Intensive program: 120 minutes cow cuddling: 60 € min incl 3 adults. €20 p.P., €12 per kid, up to 3 years free of charge, max 80€

Times: We meet on Saturday and Sunday at 11 a.m. or 01:00 pm or 3 p.m. outside or in the barn. Other times by arrangement.

Become a Cow Sponsor

Have you fallen in love with one of our cows or calves? Do you want to support our work? Then become a cow sponsor. As a cow sponsor you can

    • Visit your cow or calf weekly if you wish
    • You have other times when you can come
    • You will receive a sponsorship certificate
    • You can take part in our godfather party in autumn
    • In the new year you will receive a calendar with pictures of cows

Would you like to support our project? Become a sponsor – you choose a cow – and sponsor a cow – these are available from 10 euros per month. So you “own” a small part of your favorite cow.