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Horse daddy Ingo

United at last. What God has joined together, man must not separate. The dream team Lotte and her dad Ingo. In a very solemn act on time at midnight for his birthday, Ingo was given Lotte. Lotte was made pretty for over an hour by many little and big hands, with purple glitter on her legs and tiny hooves, and a biiig golden bow around her neck.

The story of Lotte – sorry, Elise vom Giltengrund is her real name

Nickname Lieselotte, was unceremoniously shortened by Ingo to Lotte. They met in October 2020. You have to imagine, two opposite corners of a large barn and Lotte immediately ran up to him and docked. But we were not there for her at all, but for her mother, who was supposed to come to us as a child pony. The condition for the dam pony mare was that we take her and the foal because it was too early to wean.

And so it went on with the two of them, Ingo and Lotte. Since Lotte has been with us, the two are inseparable and she always flits to him. And so she stayed with us, actually she was supposed to go on. But as it is among lovers. Lotte, by the way, went into the house for the handover with just a bit of resistance, she was a bit spooked and slippery under the little hooves.

Lotte is of course also part of the Flütjerhof program, for horse cuddling and mindfulness with horses or ponies. On the farm or during a walk or in our pastures. To be honest, she’s also hard to get rid of her.