The Horse. An odd-toed ungulate, flight animal, animals of the steppe and the movement.

Horses. Mirror of your soul.

Our Cassi – fantastically beautiful Irish Tinker black check mare. We brought them to us from East Friesland in November 2017, quite untrained and wild – thoroughbred heart in a cold-blooded body. Cassie, born 2010, raised in Denmark by a fantastic father and was a real challenge in training. Now she is very pleasant to deal with. She doesn’t care who takes care of her, as long as she’s being cuddled she’s fine with anything.

Our favorite is Priceless C., a half-breed with a Hanoverian brand, out of his legendary dam Orofene XX. Orofene had won everything she could get her hands on. From 3-day eventing to to long distances. Her greatest victories were at the age of 8, winning a long eventing class L and the 120 km ride around the center of Germany, which she finished second in the overall ranking as the best German horse. Her son Priceless, affectionately still called Fohli, is already 24 years old and a very healthy, reliable horse. You can “steal horses” with Fohli – as long as his harem, and especially his personal ponies, are not too far away. He also prevails with the cattle.