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Winter time – stable time – manure time

The winter was long and very wet. Our newest two machines must nevertheless be mentioned briefly. To help cow cuddlers and horse cuddlers, horsewomen and other helpers, there are machines. I just knew we needed a yard tractor. This is a kind of micro excavator as a tractor. Something that would fit through our small doors, and preferably I would have it electric so we wouldn’t get smoked and I wasn’t keen on the sound of engines in the barn possibly on a Sunday or holiday either. And it should have a big shovel and it should lift over the loading wall from our rear tipper. And best of all be able to turn on the spot. That’s what I thought and searched for it for months.

Until now, we had dumped the manure in front of Ingo’s trailer and he loaded it by hand every day. Or we loaded it up. That goes mighty on the back, and my intervertebral discs had already raised the red flag last winter.

And after a long search, no, none of the known yard tracs. They were all discarded due to the above-mentioned wishes. I almost bought a normal Hoftrac in Berlin in new, because even used they cost a fortune. And then I found him. The one. The ANDIFANT.

I love the andifant. There is nothing cooler. Well, the controller only knows 0 and 1. Drives or does not drive. You have to get in tune with each other first. But then – the baby is electric. Turns on the spot. Is only 88 cm wide. And has a GIGANTIC bucket that he can lift and tip mega high. And we have a crocodile bit to go with it and a pallet fork. And what weight the andifant can lift.

For us, the perfect device to load cow and horse manure. And to dispel the romanticists illusion, our few animals manage 2 tons of manure in about a week! Imagine shoveling that!

In order to be able to sort the manure from the straw as well as possible, we have purchased another machine. There is nothing like good machines. Because with the pony droppings and the cow patties – and we had particularly long very dry straw in 2022 – we don’t get very far with the long straw. So, after – again – a long search, we were able to buy a used straw chopper in southern Germany. The straw chopper, also an old sweetheart, but the manufacturer is still producing now newer and bigger ones certainly. So he chops and blows chopped straw from the hayloft down with all his might, and it’s fun for everyone to operate the machines. Children under supervision are also allowed to help, which brings great pleasure to all.

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