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Certified Meeting Farm

After a year and a half of planning and a lot of work, we made it! We were accepted into the Bündnis Mensch & Tier foundation at the very first attempt and can now call ourselves the meeting farm of the Bündnis Mensch & Tier foundation. Many thanks to the whole team for the great work.

Stiftung Bündnis Mensch & Tier

For a long time we had been looking for an association or a foundation that had goals similar to ours. Animal welfare is paramount and also meets our need for quality assurance and a seal of quality. Searched and found: We are happy and proud that our efforts have been well received here.

Next week there will even be a press event with the Hessisch-Niedersächsische Allgemeine Zeitung, the HNA. We want to screw our new barn sign onto our barn door and present it there. As soon as we have something official from the local newspaper, we’ll be happy to share the result with you. We are really happy! Here you will find a link, also linked on the homepage above under the logo, which leads directly to the Niedersächsische Höfe. Here you can find our farm on the website of the meeting farms:

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