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The Flütjerhof

The Flütjerhof

Foundation walls of 2.5 m – reconstruction after the great fire at Dransfeld in 1884.

Taken over from an old Dransfeld family property in 2010 by Ingo Volkmer and Maren Cuckson.

Lovingly restored – never finished – new water and power lines, new bathrooms, windows and doors – large boxes built from many small boxes in the stables, everything whitewashed.

The Flütjerhof is located in the middle of the small town of Dransfeld, near the university town of Göttingen, 10 km from the A 7, at 300 m above sea level, on a plateau that has limestone seabed from ancient times. Unobtrusively camouflaged as a middle terraced house facing the main street, with a floor area of around 360 square meters, leads to the rear of the enclosed courtyard with its small stables and has a barn of around 230 square meters behind Flütjergasse. In the courtyard we currently have a large calving box with 2cows and one calve. We added in winter 2021/2022 a second box for the 3 ponies. In the barn are 2 spacious horse boxes for the 2 horses. If necessary, we change the boxes, e.g. for manure when the weather is too bad for a paddock stay or when a cow is in heat. The farm, a registered grassland farm with miliking cows , currently includes 5.6 hectares of grassland plus some smaller areas as outlets. In our dining room there is space for 12 people for theory. Of course also in the barn, the inner courtyard and the tack room. In the summer we are certainly mostly outside in the pastures.

For camping friends we recommend

the Dransfeld camping site

If you are looking for a campsite, we have a tip for you here in Dransfeld: The 5-star campsite “Am Hohen Hagen” is located between gently sloping meadows on the edge of the forest and has everything you need for a perfect holiday. Enjoy nature-oriented holidays there. In the high season, the adventure pool is even included! From there you can even reach the Flütjerhof and its pastures on foot.