The ponies

Ponies are great. They are real small horses, like the big ones, only smaller in size. Because they are smaller, they are not as impressive and scary even for the inexperienced guests. The same applies here: small, but powerful! They are strong, brave, cheerful and robuste.

And what can you do with them! Going for walks, horseback riding for children, as a pony in front of a pony carriage, for cuddling, for just being there.

Today I will tell you about our ponies. The first of the bunch, Mrs Darceys from Ireland, a lady, a princess through and through. At the same time elegant and beautiful in a dappled brown and white dress, lightning fast if needed to be, the perfect hand pony and ideally suited for more experienced or brave children. Mrs Darceys has already pulled the carriage, we’ll work on that again now, with spring time coming. Mrs Darceys joined us in September 2021.

So to ensure Mrs Darceys doesn’t stay alone as a tiny horse, we looked for a friend. And found Mimi. Funny enough, Mimi’s real name is Marceys. Mimi is black and is probably turning to white at the moment. She didn’t come alone, she brought her foal Elisa vom Giltengrund with her. Elisa became Lieselotte, or Lotte for short. While Mimi is the quiet, settled, serious, somewhat anxious and rather shy pony, her cheeky daughter Lotte is rebellious, cheeky and sweet as candy. They have been with us since November 2021. Mimi is 10 years old, Lotte is under a year. With her calm nature, Mimi is perfect for beginners, but they have to be particularly gentle and calm with her so as not to frighten her.

Our ponies looking forward to being cared for and cuddled, and those who can come regularly may also be able to participate in pony riding and care.