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What is worth waiting for. Brooms, forks, shovels and the like have been annoying for a long time, mostly tangled in a corner, often buried under hay or straw. Pure luck if you pulled the right handle the first time. Even luckier if you didn’t accidentally hit yourself in the head with a stick. That’s how we went on vacation 3 (three) years ago and I fulfilled a long-cherished wish. Horseback riding along the beach. That was really cool too. But much cooler were their broom holders made of horseshoes. So I annoyed Ingo, I would like something like that, but forgot it in between. After all, a development like this has to mature. And then Ingo had a bit of leisure time and there was no stopping him. For which he had already used all old water pipes, but here in combination with horseshoes a dream has come true. The first draft is chic, but rather practical, but here it has surpassed itself with the second draft:

And once Ingo is working on something, the tinkering continues. What you can do on horseshoes, here is very practical:

The bottle holder – first draft

So we can stay curious to see what he welds together next!

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