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Action Year 2022

So much happened that there was no time at all to write blogs. A too dry, much too hot summer with a lot of insects plagued the ponies, so that two – the Mimi and her daughter Lotte – got sweet itch. We had hardly enough food on our dried out pastures, but again and again dear people offered us here and there still a piece of meadow, so that we had to feed extra hay quite late in summer. And luckily in 2021, we still had a good harvest to fall back on now.

So we put up fences upon fences, and for the most part the cattle were in one pasture, the ponies in another (and in the barn for a long time due to illness), and the horses in a third pasture. Driving to and checking 3 pastures every day, and that besides the “real” work. It was exhausting. But what we do not do everything for those entrusted to us! And somehow it kept going. Thank you to everyone who gave us such great support. Then thanks to Anne, Reinhard and Michael for the meadows, the hay provision from the local farmer, the neighbors for the dry bread, all helping hands, our children who are always there for us when, for example: the ponies have escaped! There were many more people like animals gathered together, the runaways stood there with their heads down and sugar looks as if to say nothing has happened. Then there are the countless magic moments with people and animals, the moments when you didn’t have a camera with you, that make everyone’s heart grow wide.

The cow cuddlers. What an amazing kind of species you are. Just to underline it: Cow cuddlers are the best of mankind. And we’ve never had so many guests before. They were all quite fantastic meetings, great personalities, from Munich to Berlin, from Osnabrück to Würzburg, Bielefeld and Braunschweig came the guests. Even our word has been spreading to California, Washington DC, our friends from Australia – Welcome, Down Under! and Finland. And, of course, also from nearby. THANKS for YOUR valuable visits!

The perfect shetty weather: Cold and dry

So today I’ve put together a few photos from this year for you – hope you like them.

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