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Quinie – the governess

Our most beautiful, our new one. Full of hope and eagerness, since we were able to win her over last year, I have been pursuing her education, promoting her health and she has brought me a lot of joy.

But things don’t always work out the way you want and imagine. Same here. There were two really unpleasant experiences that made me realize that she can’t be my “soul horse”. So I looked for a new “job” for her as a companion horse.

And luck was on my side again: I found a young woman who wanted exactly her as a companion horse for her own mare. So the two searched and found each other, and as we had hoped, both bays were immediately a “pot with a lid”.

The worries and fears I had vanished with the videos and photos I received.

It’s so nice to see how the two get along. A dream. Have a great next life, lovely Quinie.

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