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Here we go – welcome

Hey! Today I’m really happy because now we can finally get started!

A phone call to the hotline in Göttingen gave us the go-ahead: service, outside, observe hygiene rules: keep your distance, disinfect or wash your hands. Welcome to our Flütjerhof!

All the big animals are outside: the horses are together and the cows are together. Nikki will be a mom soon, but Lissi is suckling on her mum Tilda.

Next weekend we will move again to small areas for grazing for 1 – 2 weeks. It finally rained and grass still grew, even if the persistent drought is stressful for our calcareous grassland. Still, a little rain is better than no rain at all. Let’s hope that the long-term weather forecast is wrong and that we won’t have such a dry summer as the last two years. Hope dies last.

Stay healthy! We look forward to you.

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