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What I learned for myself from my time in burnout

Be Authentic

Immerse yourself in family history – in my case, it was good to learn more about the family. The suffering and life of the ancestors shed a completely new light on one’s own subjectively experienced past. A lot has been repeated…

How did I slip in? A combination of several circumstances. A death. Worst bullying within the closest family afterwards. Too much work. Your day has 48 hours. Panic. Keep working! Don’t give up, keep going. Driving the long distance to work. Pressure at work to the point of bossing. Panicking for solutions: how do I get out of here?

Of course I had to change jobs. Where my gentle soul is abused I cannot stay.

Now I know what I need: I go out into the fresh air a lot, I’m happy with my animals, I’m content in my team. I am satisfied with my work, in which I am encouraged and challenged.

Enough sleep! Always the be-all and end-all.

Good, strengthening contacts – with a lot of humor. There is nothing better than a family that manages to have your back. People who believe in you

Do you know that?

Well-intentioned advice:

Come on!

You’re fine, you’ve got everything!

Then simply sell an animal/the animals.

Just set rules for your family. You are not tough enough You don’t assert yourself.

Hardly anyone understood the situation.

So in 2016 I came to cow cuddling, back to my horses and to my new job.

Let me ride, no longer will I endure the endless hours of gray numbers!

Back again in life on October 3, 2016.

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