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Update February 2021 – Tilda has grown

Here you can see what has become of the little mouse: the little blond calf has become a beautiful, three-colored heifer. She is the gentlest, calmest and most patient of our Jersey squad. She’s fun for everyone, suitable for cow cuddling for beginners:

As you can see, little Tilda has developed splendidly – she is now the biggest – at the same time gently and does all the nonsense.
Careful nose care is also necessary, because everything has to be sniffed out with the nose. Cows are also very sensitive nose animals, like dogs!
Even though Ella often hits Tilda with her head, she still loves her

There is so much to tell, so many glorious sunsets, so many snowy days that made for a lot of work and a lot of fun…

Not built by us, but admired by us, growled at by the dog and the horses gave him a wide berth
Such colors can only be found in the sky in autumn and again in spring – sunset over the Weserbergland
The snow crunched and sometimes squeaked, like when you sometimes walk across the beach, across the wet sand

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