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Drama around Nikki’s daughter

The call, shortly before noon on a Tuesday. You have a dead calf in your meadow. The heart stops. Impossible.

Hastily called our neighbor. He confirms it’s dead. He would pick it up and put it next to our tractor in the barn. The crows had already pecked at it. I, completely exasperated, thought it was the calf Lissi from January. Because I could never imagine that it could possibly be the too early first calf from our Nikki. Yesterday evening, everything had still been looking quiet and normal. I called the knacker. There came already the next call from our neighbor, call the vet immediately, it is still breathing. Immediately called the vet. The neighbor sends me photos. A calf completely unknown to me lies there. This is all but not our Lissi! It was the new one, 14 days early. Normally, I see it when calving is imminent. Not this time. A heartfelt thank you

the attentive observer, the savior, who informed me

our dear neighbors for the immediate action and protect the little premature baby

the large animal practice Grosstierpraxis Moringen for the immediate coming and professional treatment of the premature baby.

Three times grateful.

A first “Eww!” makes the maternal instincts burst out, until then mum Nikki was reserved, as she had given up on her daughter. Milked off the mother Nikki and gave the little one her first colostrum via a syringe. After that we brought the mother Nikki and calf home to the barn. The unnamed calf in the boot of the car and mum Nikki running after the car, on the halter lead by me. 3 days and 2 nights later the baby could stand finally on her own legs and search for her drink at her mothers udder.

Until then, we always milked the mom and fed the little one with the bucket and teat. At least the sucking and swallowing reflex worked most of the time.

Our little drama queen. Everyone takes care of you 🙂 – on the 4th day she was strange again. Not the way she should`ve been. Rapid heart rate, low-grade fever. Again the vet came. After thorough questioning and examination: she has constipation. The phenomenon was completely unknown to me. After her treatment all was well again with her.

The name, a challenge this time, alone, because of the struggle for survival. A suggestion, an abbreviation of a Gaelic name, the little fighter, she is now called Nola. Wonder calf Nola.

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